The past few days have been filled with stress, many tweets, lack of sleep, editing papers, doing research, and lack of studying.  It is midterms week and that means lots of projects, presentations, and exams.  One project has taken over my life, and most of the #sachat community knows about it, due to constant stressing, tweeting, and wanting to pull my hair out.  The original assignment was a 5 page paper (minimum) and a 30 minute presentation (minimum).  The groups were supposed to be 3 members each, but due to other forces, the group I was in consisted of 2.  We met Sunday evening to write the paper and get everything together.  My partner began the paper, and I helped with sources and other items.  We made a great team, and worked really well together.  However, I spent quite a few hours (and into the early morning) editing this paper over the past 3 days.  The whole project turned out great - we surpassed the minimum amount of pages (we had 11) and we surpassed the minimum amount of time for the presentation (so at least 30 minutes).  Our faculty member was impressed and while the road was tough, I've learned a few things the past few days:

1. I will never, EVER, wait until 3 days before a presentation/paper is due to begin the whole project.  I have lost too much sleep, time, and sanity over this project.

2. Once again, members of #sachat came to my rescue.  They made me laugh when I wanted to pull my hair out.  They shared in my frustration of power point slides.

@lynnellison @KMRothfeld Ugh - Death by PowerPoint! I hate that!

And they reminded me to breathe.

3. I spoke with my faculty member this evening, and I am doing well in the class.  I'm the only Higher Ed Master's student in a Sports Adm/Mgt course, but I'm holding my own.  My professor even said she'd turn me into an athletics administrator yet.  This class has given me a confidence boost-the presentation I gave this evening is the calmest I've ever been giving a presentation-I guess my practicum experience giving workshops have made a huge difference. 

And now that this assignment is done, I feel I can breathe again.  I am super busy over the next two weeks, but tonight's experience has given me motivation to keep pushing through and keep on moving on. 

Now to focus on the job search because according to my business professor - we should start looking - and we should have started yesterday.  While this is one more thing to handle, I know I can handle it thanks to my amazing family, friends, classmates, coworkers, and #sachat community.  Until next time....
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