Though I never completed one post, my #oneword2012 was Explore.  When selected, it seemed very fitting - and proved to be true as the year flew by. 

2012 was my year of new beginnings.  Moving to a new city (and returning to an old state) on January 3.  Starting my first professional job on January 9.  Working hard to make connections at my new institution and new region of Ohio.  Opening myself up to meeting new people and putting myself out there to do so.  Using online networking opportunities to meet new friends.  At work, taking on projects and planning events that I never thought I would be involved in my first few months on the job.  Sitting in meetings with administrators and having my voice be heard and valued. Planning an event that was mostly beyond my control and keeping a smile on my face the whole time.  Being taken seriously and treated as an equal.  Knowing that I am not alone in the (often) craziness that occurs and finding allies along the way.  Joining the planning committee for a state conference.  Finding creative ways for training and professional development. 

I also found time for discovering my new region.  I traveled 2,254 miles just for recruitment purposes.  I took time to explore small towns and the bigger city that surrounds me.  Traveled some distances to visit friends near and far.  A few flat tires cannot dampen the fun times and memories created by traveling the Midwest and seeing some new places and revisiting places of the past.  Seeing friends that too much time had passed since the last meeting.   Meeting friends from online networking for the first time and seeing new campuses.  Connecting with graduate school friends and seeing where we've all ended up.  Accepting that people move on and friendships change became part of my exploring this year as well.  Taking time to reflect and look back upon all that I've done has given the opportunity to explore where I have been and where I want to go from here.  

A constant theme that was discussed in my first year on the job and on my own...the concept of thriving.  It was a wish turned into a goal of my immediate supervisor that once I made it through the first few months that I go from surviving to thriving. There have been moments when I went back to actively floating to survive certain portions of the year.  But as I've made it through, I have learned lessons that will make a difference for the next time around.  I also began to understand and know that I am capable of thriving in many areas of my life.  This all comes together to make my #oneword2013 decision a simple one...2013 will be the year of Thrive.  This decision is being made by me for me.  By pushing myself to thrive, I am advancing my push to explore, extend my comfort zone, and take on the new year while continuing to find and improve upon what I have successfully (and not so much) completed this past year.  Here's to 2013.
01/07/2013 20:05

You have had quite the year. I love the word "explore" as it was my word for 2011. I also love your word for 2013! Thrive. Such a powerful word. I raise my glass to you and a year of not just surviving, but thriving!

01/08/2013 06:59

Ellen-I think you were the person who inspired me to use explore for 2012. It was so fitting with all the changes that were going to occur. :)


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