"All would be fine today, but someone may not be playing according to your rules. It feels as if a raincloud is moving in on your big game, even though it's still sunny. Don't let fear dampen your enthusiasm. Instead of trying to outrun bad weather, head off developing problems by facing negativity directly. Avoiding blame now will have a positive impact on the final outcome."  (www.twittascope.com). 

Sometimes it is funny how things you read describe exactly how you feel.  The whole process of (beginning to)moving home, leaving (some) freedom behind, people moving to the next location, the 5.5 hour drive from OH to MI (that is normally 3.5-4), and not having secured a job yet, along with the insane amounts of rain and horrible weather, has not helped my mood the past few days.  My grandfather's health is going downhill and has been for months.  The economy in Michigan and other states are not helping my pursuit of a job in Higher Education.  And as much as I've gotten better with dealing with it, I still am not a fan of change.  I think it's more the fact I'm not a fan of not knowing where I might be living/working in a month (or two-my optimistic side is attempting to stay on top of things). 

So on that note, I'm going to face the negativity by working on more job applications and facing my fear of still being unemployed come July.  Let's get this done.

Me: "something has to give somewhere along the route, right?" @JenniferLPrince: "exactly. And if nothing's going right, go left." :-)
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