It makes sense for my first post be a thank you note.  Without #SAchat, I wouldn't have even considered starting a blog to chart my journey through graduate school and into becoming a professional. 

I started using Twitter the summer before I moved to Ohio for graduate school.  I used it rarely, and only to capture the most absurd and crazy portions of my journey from Oakland to Kent State.  It wasn't until Becca had a great experience in the job search from connecting with the #SAchat community that I became, slowly but surely, active in the community. 

It started with "lurking and learning" from the weekly chats, then engaging in conversations with other, to actively engaging within the community every day.  I never completely believed that the people in this group could help me in the job search until last month, when in a panic about the impending job search, I sent out a tweet for HELP! and people responded.  Lots of people.  Not just people I had engaged with previously, but new connections.  This community has helped me find a network of connections, including Kent State graduates, and other master's degree graduates who have all been in my position before.  It allowed me to connect with my internship supervisor for the spring.  The people have given advice on everything from which conference to attend, is the placement exchange the place for me, internship and job advice, and even recommending the songs that make them smile, or songs that center around  the word "believe" (I have successfully gotten R. Kelly stuck in everyone's head....again).

So this is my thank you to Debra and Tom.  Thank you for starting this wonderful community, a place of support and challenge for a second year graduate student preparing to take the plunge (or as I like to call it "the chaos of") placement.  While the road ahead is frightening to think about, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and along the way, thanks to a group of colleagues, mentors, and friends.

Happy Birthday #SAchat!
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