I have been trying a new outlook on life this week...staying positive.  This all came around after a particularly nasty week at work and a lesson on how (not) to deal with stress.  So after reflecting upon last week, I made a promise to myself for this week-to maintain a positive attitude and keep a smile on my face.  They say, no matter the situation, having a smile on your face makes you sound more pleasant and relaxed.  I have found this fact to be true.  There are always challenging situations while putting on an on-campus program, but when you greet each day with a positive outlook, it really can impact the flow of the program and others' attitudes of the event and day.  I have learned a lot in my new position and one thing that has been confirmed is saying "thank you" will get you far.  When you are willing to work with others to make things happen, it makes the whole experience better for your work environment as well as the students + guests that you are working to assist.  Relationship building is vital to strong communication between colleagues.  Being able to calmly approach a situation and find a solution helps the institution as a whole in the long run.  Working with potential and current students assist in reminding yourself why you got into this field in the first place is always a positive end to any day.  

So through the mis-communications, the negative feedback, and being open to trying new things- positive things can and do happen.  No matter what, keep a smile on your face and a positive outlook...and remember that tomorrow you get to start fresh again.


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