_Between my own crazy thoughts and conversations with friends and colleagues, I've decided I am going to do a small series of blog posts reflecting on my job search.  The topics may be covering a wide range.  The posts may help #sagrads that are currently searching or it could just turn into a fun project a few people read.  It gives me the opportunity to look back on a crazy ride and learn from all of the ups and downs.

The following passage was written in a down period of my search.  I was working a temporary position at my undergraduate institution as an admissions adviser (this was a positive experience that helped to continue to build by skills set) while continuing my search.  I was in between interviews and had not heard anything from any applications in a week or two.  Right after this post, I received a few requests for phone/on-campus interviews.  It was one of the phone/on-campus interviews which led to a job offer a few months later.  So keep in mind, the road may seem long (extremely long), but if you keep pushing through, you never know what could occur next.  My walls are definitely covered in rejection letters, but you tend to push that out of your mind when you find the fit for you.

October 18, 2011   10:53 PM
"Remain calm. Everything happens for a reason. While those pieces of advice are completely true, it's still difficult not to panic. I'm attempting to look at this point in my job search as a reevaluation period. So I'm stopping and smelling the roses. I'm reminding myself of @Mallorybower's most recent blog post. She essentially calls us on our bullshit of never taking time for ourselves. So I sit. And I type. And I plan. And I scheme. And I dream. The dream right now is simple-find a job that's a good fit. Nothing too fancy. One step at a time. There are bigger dreams, and new paths to discover. And a good foundation is vital. God knows enough tears have been shed, enough questions asked, and enough answers never given. But to balance that all out, there have been amazing individuals supporting me along the way. They range from crazy rants on Gchat, YouTube videos of just keep swimming, dms/emails that make me laugh and cry, and so much more. I've heard many times that a person is partially shaped by the people they surround themselves with. I thank God every day for the people in my life. The ones 10 minutes down the road to the ones who are a 3-14 hour car ride away. Because they all have made a difference.

I was told in class that I would have enough rejections letters to wallpaper a room (or more). I'm ready to receive the last letter that will get framed and put all the rest to shame. That day will come (and hopefully isn't that far off).  One day at a time.

Its not you, it's them-sounds like a bad date. I've seen posts comparing the job search to dating. Complicated. Awesome."


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